Day 291: Change – We Create It and It Create Us

imagesThere are times in our lives where we can sense that something is not right, where we can see that there is nothing really happening with our lives, everything seems to have settled into a dull routine and nothing new emerges, we are no longer growing in our process and we are no longer developing ourselves to become something more.

Obviously when we become aware of this state of being, I mean we are kind of aware of this throughout but there comes a time when it’s becoming just a bit too much, it’s becoming unbearable and we can sense a form of depression creeping in and forcing us to start moving, taking some action. American statistics reveal, however, that the number of people with major depression is growing by 20 percent a year. That shows us that we have a problem and it obliges us to look at what this depression really is, what are the causes and what can we do to prevent this continuous decline, because whatever we are doing now is simply not effective.

From my own experience and from observing many people I found a way NOT to go. And that way is short-term, quick-fix solutions. Just as the quick meals we get at McDonalds – these are not nourishing and if taken over a longer period will destroy us. These quick-fix solutions to our life’s problems are advertised on every corner and can take many forms. I mean if you are an entrepreneur and have a business it’s definitely handy to have a product and convince people that this product is a solution to all your problems. These can be material things, services that create feel-good experiences, dating sites promising a fulfilling relationships, also TV with all its glamour can be a very big “solution” filling your holes with every imaginable experience that you cannot achieve in real life.

I mean I have tried the quick fix out of desperation just to find myself in a deeper hole where inevitably I have cornered myself into looking for something more substantial. If I had to name the real solution to the issue/problem described above I would say that it is – finding and giving yourself life’s purpose. It’s not an easy task to do and requires careful consideration but looking and investigating your options is already a task worth pursuing and is in a way a temporary purpose in itself.

One very important thing I found in this task of searching for my purpose is the necessity to be self-honest with myself. This can be a very difficult thing to do. I mean there were parts in my life that I was holding on so dearly and I was absolutely refusing to let go even by knowing, deeply within myself, that it is exactly what needs to be done. Fear and Hope were the few thing that kept me going. The fear of losing and the hope of fixing that which was not working. Sometimes you find the strength to take a self-directive action and sometimes the reality has to play out and reach the end by other means which makes it a little more difficult because if you are self-directive you can be more prepared for the transition. Either way when the consequences play out it’s important not to sit on your mistakes (see my previous blog on that HERE) but it’s much more constructive to simply look back, see what lessons and gifts I have learned in the process and then simply move on ensuring that in the future same mistakes are not repeated.


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