Day 292: Decision Making and Mistakes

speed_upNow again my current blog is related to my previous blogs about making mistakes, and so it happens that these things appear to be unavoidable in the beginning and again it’s all about who you are once it’s done.

Either way after the fact it’s crucial to take responsibility and truly investigate your actions, especially to understand how this decision was made: I found especially important to identify all the influences throughout the process and my reactions to those influences – this is the space and time where you truly learn and prepare yourself for the future. Now in my previous blog I have already eliminated the path of giving up on ourselves, the path of regret and feeling sorry for ourselves, the path of hiding and creating the fear to move on. This is the time were we no longer allow self-sabotage but we reprogram our minds to be solution oriented rather than problem oriented.

Now I would like to emphasize one crucial point that I missed and which was an absolute indication that I had to stop myself and go back to the drawing board and sketch for myself a more practical plan to make an effective decision.

This point that one cannot miss is the SPEED OF THE MIND. Once you are taken into the experience of rush you can pretty well guess that you are in trouble and thus an immediate action should be to withdraw yourself from the experience/situation/event, if that is possible. In this it’s important to find a way to slow yourself down, and try to find the reason of why have you taken yourself into the experience of rushing.

This is what happened to me and I failed in that. I have managed to convince myself that I am going in the right direction and that I should simply trust myself. It was a clever design where the primary belief was that I do not actually need/require to put all the effort/work in doing a detailed research, making a practical plan but I can simply take a shortcut and make a decision by simply trusting myself. But who I was trusting actually? These were my thoughts, my emotions, and my desires which produced like a cloud in the mind obstructing any clear judgment.

When looking back at the situation I can see now the simple practical steps I could have and should have taken to make a much better assessment of the situation, however, now that it’s done all I can do is take these newly learned gifts and use them in the future by making better decisions myself as well as assisting and showing others the points that need attention.

So really, if you are rushed or you rush yourself into making a decision, and when you have a choice to give yourself more time for consideration – please take that time until clarity is achieved and the decision is truly calculated and is sound and is based on the laws of this physical/practical reality rather that being a subject to the emotions of the mind.


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