Day 295: My Inner Authority


The-Simpsons-s11e22-Behind-the-LaughterIt is worthwhile to look into the Milgram’s research which was done in 1963 in regards to obedience to authority figures because this experiment gives a pretty good insight, an inner sight on how decisions are made and to what extent we are willing to go to avoid self-responsibility by just giving it away to the established authority. To give a very quick overview of this experiment: the subjects were asked to administer shocks to a person sitting in the next room whenever a wrong answer was given, each time increasing the intensity of the shock. Eventually these shocks were producing such pain (it was faked unbeknown to the person giving the shocks) to the person sitting in another room that eventually he would scream “it’s enough”, “I want out of this” etc., but the authority (the researcher giving instructions to the subject who was giving the shocks) persistently asked the subject to continue with the experiment and give ever higher doses of shock. The results of the experiment were shocking as most of the subjects submitted to the authority and kept inflicting pain despite the screams and pleads for help. This experiment was repeated in later years many times giving consistent results of the same nature.

Now there are various ways to look at the point of authority in our lives, but in this blog I would like to focus on self as in looking at our decisions we make in everyday life and how those decisions are made. It is no secret that we do speak with ourselves inside of ourselves, we take every situation that comes into our lives and we have a chat about it inside, where we weigh the cons and the pros, we contemplate various options and in the end we make a decision about something, based on the predominant thoughts. The question we fail to ask ourselves is – where did those thoughts come from?

In this it’s important to understand a bit about ourselves, about who we are and what we have become. Here I mean that since we are born we are loaded with information/instructions by our parents initially, where that information forms our character/a personality through which we live our younger years and later we design ourselves further through all the other information that we get from our environment. So based on all that input we will produce the output/make decisions. Simple

Now when we continue with our lives in this reality we might start seeing for example that the way we have programmed ourselves to be and the way we act and behave in our reality through all the input/programming we received does not necessarily mean that it is supportive to myself or others in this reality in the bigger picture. And thus here we are faced with a dilemma – do I follow my programming which is an accepted way of doing things, despite seeing that it is harmful, or do I go against the established authority as the preprogrammed design and in this become responsible for the new choices I make?

Milgram, having externalized this inner process, revealed that most of us will succumb and take the “easy” way out, where we simply follow the programming/established authority and thus save our ass from possible consequences.

Now, why do I say that it’s not, really, an easy way out? And that is because we have to live with the choices we have made. Even despite the fact that we do our best to justify, we try to forget, or ignore yet somewhere deep within ourselves there is an awareness of all the choices we ever made. I truly believe that this is one of the main factors we have so much dis-ease in this reality, that is because we have become conflicted within ourselves and with each other. And that makes perfect sense, I mean our programming since childhood told us to cater only for our own needs and the interests of our loved ones, our programming told us to compete with each other and strive to be the winners, our programming taught us to accumulate as much money as possible and fulfill our desires, our programming convinced us that humans are a superior species and that plants and animals are here to serve us – but our programming failed to explain that if I become a winner another has to lose, that if I indulge in useless wants and desires I will waste earth’s resources and create a disharmony that will affect all facets of life for everyone, it also failed to show that by believing in my superiority as a human I lose the connection with nature, with animals and thus lose the connection with myself as the being that came from the dust of the earth like everyone else here on earth.

Now the earth as the weather, as the proliferating diseases, as the increased extinction of animals together with all the events as the wars and the crimes and violence and abuse show and reveal to us that time is running out and that if we are to survive and thrive we have to truly challenge our accepted programming and become responsible for each choice that we make. We have to shift the authority from our accepted automatic programming into an awareness of considering everything that js here. Please investigate Living Income as the next best step that will give us the means to give our attention to the real problems of our existence.


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