Day 299: New Job and the Discovery of Stress

thI have started a new job recently and in this position I’ve had moments that were rather intense. Throughout my life I have pretty much avoided any responsibility and all the jobs I had in the past were essentially an easy ride for me. I did observe the people who would get stressed in their jobs and I could not relate or understand how you get to such a point.

In this new job, however, my understanding expanded and I have had the moments where it seemed like I was on the edge of breaking down because of the workload and the pressure to get things done. Despite these moments being tough I found that they are also an opportunity to expand and break the limitations I had about what is possible. Essentially what I have learned is that when those intense moments come there is no time for thinking, no time for distraction and all the focus and attentions must be absolutely here on the task. I was satisfied with myself after being able to manage these moments and each time when the same moments with same intensity came I was able to find my stability more quickly and be more effective.

So I am glad that I am finally learning what it means to focus myself on something so completely and where you get things done for real. It took me a long time to get to this point because I resisted change a lot, I was always fearing and anticipating the worst, holding also the belief that I require more and more preparation to start something without realizing that there is only so much you can prepare and that without real application of the knowledge there is no improvement possible.

In this little journey I found that there are many factors which determine how we will handle stress and most are within our ability to direct and perfect ourselves within yet what I also found is that the system is sometimes too demanding thus pushing individuals too hard without considering their needs and abilities.

I have seen people being constantly under stress and where that stress is accumulating from day to day leading to undesirable consequences. In this blog I would like to note one important factor I have noticed which revels quite accurately that there are problems. And that is SLEEP patterns. This seems to be a prevalent problem in our current work environment. I have spoken to many people and it is obvious that it’s a big issue which is not addressed and given the significance it deserves. When I started working in my new position I have worked very long hours but at the same time I noticed that I also required longer sleeping hours to “digest” all the new information so to speak and it worked very well where the next day I would wake up with a clear mind ready to take the new challenges of the day. When this cycle is disturbed the challenges become burdens which accumulate and may lead to mental and physical exhaustion. Here are some very supportive blogs on this subject for anyone having sleep issues:

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It’s unfortunate that the system we live in sometimes places unreasonable demands by forcing us, through the fear of survival, to keep working and producing results without considering simple, common sense needs of the individuals. So by doing the best we can in our individual lives we also have to pay attention and seek bigger solutions that would challenge the current system to change it into one that considers real physical needs of all humans as well as animals and plants. I support the movement of “Living Income Guaranteed” which addresses these issues by providing practical solutions to our sleepless nights.

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Day 290: Don’t Sit on Your Mistakes

disappointment-1bAll people make mistakes, but what separates us from each other is how we deal with those mistakes. Some of us will be dragged down and create even more self-doubt while others focus on immediate resolution not allowing the past to haunt them.

Throughout my life I was mostly the former type of guy where the mistakes I made would create a downward spiral where my mind would latch itself with every detail of the mistake and the fear with further projection of things going wrong would become a constant companion. It is not hard to see how this state of mind would in fact produce further complications. My behavior, the words I spoke would resonate that self-doubt, the fear and the uncertainty into my interactions with other people and I am absolutely sure that people do pick up on that and essentially reflect you back to yourself. Also this mind state of fear and self-doubt would act like a safety wall ensuring I do not get close to situations where I can possibly make mistakes thus manifesting fear into a physical level, where I was living it completely.

Now all this was basically a constant negative experience and the greatest desire was to find a way to end it. Now there are a few ways to do that and it’s either by facing the fears and finding the solution at the core, or, as I have done, which is to create short-term escape mechanisms to make myself feel better and forget about my reality for a moment. These would be things like immersing myself into prolonged sessions of watching entertaining movies and videos, occasionally doing some drugs and also watching pornography as the greatest tool to ignore reality and forget myself, at least until I was done and had to face another day. So to make things much worse on top of the initial fear, self-doubt and uncertainty in relation to making mistakes I added layers of shame and guilt and now from here the real solution seemed very far away.

Existing in this vicious cycle for many years and proving to myself beyond doubt that if I continue like this my life will be an absolute disaster filled with regret and anger at myself for not taking charge for who I am in time. It seems there is a line, crossing which I don’t really want to know what happens. Perhaps in can be viewed as another mistake only on a bigger scale and where again you’ll have to make a choice of you will you be. There is, of course, the end line at some point.

So from here my focus shifted in how to become that other guy, the one that can remain standing tall when mistakes are made, the one who immediately starts looking, finding and applying solutions. To get closer to this I started observing the people around me that possessed these qualities. This was very supportive in this process. Not surprisingly those people were in higher position within the system. They were not afraid of responsibility and they were not taken aback by the occasional mistakes they made.

Having equipped myself now with this new knowledge of how to deal with my mistakes I still had to test it in real live situation. The moment came and so I was faced with myself and the potential for change. The awareness wasn’t immediate and initially upon making a mistake at work I went the usual route of beating myself up and projecting gloom and doom. Only later that night I slowed myself down and upon seeing that I am, again, going down the same old path and then viewing my whole life in relation to that and that it just cannot continue like that I did stop myself and shifted my mind to the new thinking. I told myself that I will not allow myself to ruin myself for this mistake and that no matter what happens I will go out there the next day and I will not bend my head to anyone but I will stand tall and not fear but welcome more responsibility. The same night I have also looked more closely at the mistake I have done and what factors played in my making of this mistake and having identified the main causes I am now more aware and I know what I should watch out for when performing tasks thus I can prevent such mistakes from ever happening again.

Next day came and I was amazed at myself how quickly and easy, also rewarding and enjoyable it was to participate with others with not from this position of fear and self-doubt but being confident, being present and essentially a part of the team. I realize that it’s good for no one to have the so called drop-outs who bring the spirit of the team down, isolate themselves and wallow in self-pity. So it was cool to be able to forgive self for the past and move on.

Day 287: Understanding and Living by the Principle of What is Best for All – Part 2

Here I am continuing from my previous blog where I was writing about my understanding and living application of the principle – What’s Best for All.

sam_0624So what does it really mean to live this principle in a practical way? For myself I have observed that the best and most practical way to start living this principle is right here in my immediate environment with the small, everyday things, yet at the same time being able to look further and direct and create my life to have a satisfactory future in which again the principle of what’s best for all would be reflected.

One of the first things that I needed to correct in my behavior was the pace, the speed at which I was living my life, meaning that I had to really slow myself down and thus become more aware of what I was doing and how I was moving in my reality, how I was making decisions, interacting with people etc. Whenever I would lose that awareness I could see how my decisions and all my actions would arise automatically from my preprogrammed mind. This automated behavior simply means that I would act and do everything in a way how I was taught by my parents, how I was taught in my school, and as I have explained in my previous blog the knowledge we are currently taught within all such institutions and from each other has created the present condition of this world where most are poor and suffering and only minority can enjoy this reality in abundance and we are taught to just accept that as being a natural part of life, when it is not actually cast in stone.

So in order to start living according to the principle what’s best for all I had to become aware of the knowledge that was imprinted into me throughout the years and change this preprogramming into self-aware actions where I now have to consciously look and consider the best physical practical ways to go about my days. So this is a process that I am walking and through being patient with myself, allowing myself to make mistakes I slowly change.

If I look back at my life I can see how erratic my behavior used to be where I was acting mostly based on my feelings and emotions that would come up randomly without me understanding how that is generated in my mind . I would never give myself the time of day to stop for a moment and reflect on why, for example, I feel what I feel, or why do I experience the rush of emotions that make me act in ways that I would have regrets about later on. In this I found the importance to have my own time, mostly the evenings, where I sit down and look at my day and reflect on all the significant events that happened and who I was within them. It was interesting to see, initially, that I, as awareness, wasn’t really there and that all the events were simply unfolding based on the years of accumulated knowledge, or simply speaking the systematic preprogramming of how to act in each and every situation and this is what played out day in and day out.

Now with awareness and principled living the life story changes and it’s no longer just a program playing out but I step into the picture to interfere and make some changes in the programming. As I have explained above the tool of consciously slowing myself down was and is very effective, where even though sometimes I do miss some moments and blindly follow my emotions, I am now mostly able to make a choice and say to myself that I refuse to go into the chaos of the mind and in this make a choice/a decision that is not reactive but self-directed, where my guideline of action is the principle of what is best for all.

In my next blog I will continue with the same principle where I want to discuss the morality aspect of it and how and why living according to this principle many in our society would term as negative or unacceptable behavior


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Day 286: Understanding and Living by the Principle of What is Best for All

Here I am sharing my process of aligning myself to what I see most crucial principles of life. In this blog I will start with the following principle where I will show my understanding and living application of it:


Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all


image10Living by the principle –what’s best for all – wasn’t difficult for me to grasp as it made much sense from the time I was introduced to it. This was easy because I could already conceptualize the origin of all life being one source, one beginning from where we all come into this reality and I could see that only in the process of growing up we become separate in our expressions by accepting and allowing various beliefs, ideas, opinions, self-definitions about ourselves and this reality. Not saying here that it is wrong to express ourselves differently yet what is important is the starting point of that expression as all the thoughts, words and deeds.

Investigating the current starting point of all our actions, words and deeds we can see that the emphasis is on what is best for ME where the others outside our limited view are disregarded, not considered in any way whatsoever. Within that it’s not difficult to understand why the current expression of this world is so destructive to all life. Everyone lives for oneself competing with each other for survival instead of considering everything and everyone as an equal to ourselves realizing that everything that is here comes from exactly same source as myself, thus essentially everything is actually me. We can fool ourselves for a while and pretend that everything is fine yet this physical reality has a way of showing us the consequence of our faulty believes of separation that we live through the age old faulty knowledge that is passed and blindly accepted from one generation to another.

So as I say it was rather easy to understand this principle yet living and applying it in my daily living was and still is a challenge. What this involves is learning how to consider more and more within each thought, word and deed. It’s a process of expansion where I gather information about my reality thus creating the understanding of a bigger picture and within this understand how I relate and influence this reality with all my actions. We can view this process as a mathematical equation where within our formula of living and making our everyday choices and decisions we learn to include and consider more and more variables to the point where we can include everything that is here in this physical reality and where eventually we can say with certainty – I live that what is best for All.

Within this it’s also imperative to have a clear base foundation and understanding of what it really means to act in ways that is best for all. If you would ask people around they would all give different opinions of what they think is best for all, everyone would come with various believes, ideas, opinions based on their education, the culture they were raised in and other influences. However when we look beyond all the knowledge we can see that what we all share equally is our physical reality which is our physical bodies, our physical necessities. This is our foundation = we come from dust and to dust we return – physical is our common ground and thus emphasis should be primarily directed towards this point of our real equality. Still the mind reality as all our believes, perceptions, ideas, all the knowledge that we have accumulated and live by cannot be ignored and must be considered within all our actions to ensure we have a practical way to manifest a world that is best for all.

In the next blog I will continue with some practical examples of how I have been walking this process of learning to expand my reality and consider the bigger picture within my actions.

Day 285: The Ignorance of Medical Profession

sharma-obesity-trust-me-im-a-doctorWe have, by now, probably all heard stories about our medical system and the evidence within these stories that there is much higher value placed on self-interest as profit and survival rather than actual care for the people and true willingness to cure the known diseases that are slowly eating away the human race.

Here I would like to share another story that a friend of mine has shared with me, from his own life experience, to again prove how pervasive the ignorance of medical establishment has become even despite the opportunities to learn and thus benefit society when facing various people that do manage to manifest good results in battling with deadly diseases.

So upon doing a routine checkup my friend’s partner was diagnosed with a malignant cervical cancer and since then walking from one doctor to another the only solution offered was to surgically remove the tumor. There wasn’t much explanation offered or any attempt to go deeper into the probable causes or anything else for that matter, but the only accepted way was to follow the standard procedure for such cases which was to write an appointment prescription to meet the surgeon on the operation table. Most people react in fear upon unexpectedly finding such news and of course will trust and follow whatever the apparently knowledgeable doctors will prescribe, but my friend and his partner stopped for a moment and considered other options by doing some research and investigation. First of all they visited yet another doctor who didn’t jump to knife as the first and only option for this type of cancer, instead he suggested an alternative way. I am not able to reproduce the whole path that was walked but I know it included drinking various herbal substances, taking hydrogen peroxide, cleansing the body through some dieting, ensuring proper hygiene etc.

So, about half a year later she went back to the original doctors to have another screening to see if there is any progress with the new treatment and, yes, to everyone’s big surprise there was nothing left of the tumor. Doctors finding it hard to believe sent her to another place to do screening and the results were the same. After another half a year the tests were repeated and still there was no sign of the disease.


Now the whole point is that none of the doctors or any other persons within the medical establishment were in any way interested or asked any questions of HOW she managed to overcome the disease. Such cases are viewed as anomalies that happen by chance to a few and apparently hold no significance or value in the bigger picture. In Europe alone there are about 50 thousand women dying from this disease yearly, a number that should be somewhat concerning as there is a probability for anyone to face this disease in some way within a lifetime. Surely, if anyone is faced with this, one would like to ensure the best, most effective course of action and an outcome for themselves or their close ones, yet we have only a few beings that can direct people on this path. So it’s really sad to see our health “carers” to turn away from real opportunities to advance themselves in the field of healing and become just mainstream followers of the system that focus on, what is called, the disease management which is much more profitable and safe in terms of system responsibility. It’s amazing how our responsibility shifted from doing what’s best for our fellow human beings to doing what’s best for the system and the system as it is designed currently is working only for few leaving the rest enslaved and suffering.

Solution when facing such problems is money just as money is the problem. The proposed new system LivingIncome Guaranteed will ensure that people no longer live in fear of doing what is best for all. In this new system no matter what happens no one will lose the basic necessities for survival. At the moment if you do not act as the system says, you risk to lose your income and possibly your ability to survive, within the new system however, that fear is removed and finally we will be free to consider each other. Find out more and support the proposal here: The Proposal

Day 284: Living Words: Determination


imageThe problem I am facing is the premature giving up whenever I am going into a new area of research. At the moment I am busy doing research about potential job opportunities and this requires of me to go where I have not gone before. All the new words, definitions, relationships quickly overwhelm me and usually, through manifesting the experience of tiredness, I go into extreme postponement. The thoughts in the moment convince me that it’s just too much of new information and there is just no way I can, any time soon, learn the details. Sometimes I manage to push myself a little and so I start picking up the words, going through the dictionary getting the meanings of them and building slowly my understanding, yet still at some point my self-motivation expires and normally I move on to some other activity that is more familiar to me and which requires less effort.

Yes I managed a few times to prove to myself that it is actually possible to arrive to a greater understanding with some more determination but still having walked the path of giving up more frequently I tend to fall into that trail. It’s as if I have placed a limitation device in my brain that activates after certain input of information is reached. Alarm goes off and tiredness falls upon me forcing me to direct myself to another activity that would resume my energy level to normal functionality.

So that’s obviously a problem now that I am willing to change myself, expand and grow in my reality. Thus as a solution to this obstacle I would like to start with one of the words that i see should be lived within these situations that I face – this word is Determination.

If I look at how I lived this word until now it’s been put on hold, postponed for the future living where always some preconditions existed before I could live it, I would tell myself that when I get there or there then the conditions will be perfect and I will fully commit and dedicate myself. However in time I realized that no matter what the conditions were, upon fulfilling those conditions, no change was really ever implemented by me, if only for a short while until I would create some more preconditions to become and live determination in my life.

It’s interesting how this word has the exact meaning I require to have within my resolve where if we take from the word the prefix de- which means undo or reverse to the opposite. Then the next part is -termination, thus instead of prematurely terminating my process of research and investigation I reverse the process with self determination and walk a point towards a specified completion.

So when and as I decide to research or investigate a point in my reality and in this I face my mind which wants to terminate the process and direct me away from the task I stop myself and I commit myself to realize that I am able to stick to my decision and, by pushing through my resistances, break my limitations thus rewarding myself with greater understanding and expansion in my reality

When and as I experience tiredness when performing a task I stop myself within realization that I am the one that allowed the thoughts to create this experience and as a solution I commit myself to shake off this experience by having a quick break or just move around yet still holding the determination to comeback and perform the task into specified completion

Here immediately I can see some other closely linked words that are of utmost importance and which I have also failed to live, like for example: focus, planning, structure or words that I lived with emotional attachment, like for example doubt, failure, difficulty which as a consequence swayed me in all kinds of directions not allowing me to be here, stable and determined to complete my goals


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Day 283: It’s Taking Too Long

stock-footage-london-march-crowds-of-people-rushing-around-in-docklands-london-s-financial-centre-london“It’s taking too long” -This is one statement that is coming a lot within my mind and in various situations. Obviously the effect of having this thought spinning in my mind is that within this I will try and find a way out, a shortcut, put a quick end to whatever it is I am doing for “too long” and run off to the next thing. It happens when I am interacting with someone, when I am doing some physical work, when driving, when walking, when eating, when writing and investigating myself etc. So basically it’s in most situations within my life.

When I look at all the above mentioned scenarios this point of doing it fast is really detrimental – let’s take the interaction with someone and wanting to end it quick and move on, so here I am not really hearing, not really participating with another, there is no enjoyment as I am too busy in my mind running towards the next activity, never being here; then when I am driving – well that is simply dangerous; when eating – yeah this is a common sense point where it’s absolutely crucial to eat slowly chewing properly each bite in the mouth and thus assisting the body to digest the food properly in order to achieve the best result in extracting nutrients and minerals from the food as well as ensuring effective elimination of what’s been digested. And of course the point of sitting down with myself and through writing investigating myself where, again, here I am rushing and skipping steps just to finish it quickly.

This is obviously a problem that needs immediate correction because when doing things in this manner the things are simply not done properly and they need to be redone at a later stage again and again. I will firstly and foremostly apply this correction towards self-investigation through writing because I see this one as the most crucial point where it’s essential to give myself the time to really work with myself in absolute detail and specificity by considering everything that’s here. Without slowing down there is simply no way I am gonna see the deeper layers of my existence, I will never be able to understand who I am, how I got here and how to get where I want to get. Without slowing down I’ll never be able to see the solutions as the practical step I need to take to change myself and my reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to rush myself to get things done

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that by rushing I am not getting the fullpicture of what it is I am doing but only scratching the surface

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stop and ask myself why and where am I rushing asmy next point and is it really worth it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that this point of rushing is closely connected to hope where I exist within the believe that I will find myself there in the future

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that existence of hope is not allowing me stop running, looking and searching instead of realizing that I must just stop for a moment and really look at what I am doing

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the actual reality is the physical reality and not the mind reality which has the tendency to create alternate realities in absolute separation from what is real

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand equal to my breathing which show the actual pace of the physical but instead I move as fast as my mind that is separated from the physical movement

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be contempt with simply being here in and as breath

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use energy as my motivation for movement instead of moving myself through my own self-directed decisions

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that there is nothing and nowhere to reach, that in reality the very thing I am trying to catch is here in and as breath where everything is here if only I slow myself down and see

When and as I see myself rushing, trying to escape the current moment and move to the next thing I stop myself, I take a deep breath and remind myself to slow down for a moment or even speak those words aloud to myself and within that reassess my position, identify where it is that I am trying to rush and why, and I also ask myself – who is making this decision to rush?

I commit myself to live the realization that the only way I can truly see my reality is when my mind is still, not rushing anywhere and where I am aware of my breathing as the point of stability and necessary measure of the pace equal to the physical reality that is here

I commit myself to be the directive principle of how I move in my reality instead of allowing the mind to direct me




Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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