Day 299: New Job and the Discovery of Stress

thI have started a new job recently and in this position I’ve had moments that were rather intense. Throughout my life I have pretty much avoided any responsibility and all the jobs I had in the past were essentially an easy ride for me. I did observe the people who would get stressed in their jobs and I could not relate or understand how you get to such a point.

In this new job, however, my understanding expanded and I have had the moments where it seemed like I was on the edge of breaking down because of the workload and the pressure to get things done. Despite these moments being tough I found that they are also an opportunity to expand and break the limitations I had about what is possible. Essentially what I have learned is that when those intense moments come there is no time for thinking, no time for distraction and all the focus and attentions must be absolutely here on the task. I was satisfied with myself after being able to manage these moments and each time when the same moments with same intensity came I was able to find my stability more quickly and be more effective.

So I am glad that I am finally learning what it means to focus myself on something so completely and where you get things done for real. It took me a long time to get to this point because I resisted change a lot, I was always fearing and anticipating the worst, holding also the belief that I require more and more preparation to start something without realizing that there is only so much you can prepare and that without real application of the knowledge there is no improvement possible.

In this little journey I found that there are many factors which determine how we will handle stress and most are within our ability to direct and perfect ourselves within yet what I also found is that the system is sometimes too demanding thus pushing individuals too hard without considering their needs and abilities.

I have seen people being constantly under stress and where that stress is accumulating from day to day leading to undesirable consequences. In this blog I would like to note one important factor I have noticed which revels quite accurately that there are problems. And that is SLEEP patterns. This seems to be a prevalent problem in our current work environment. I have spoken to many people and it is obvious that it’s a big issue which is not addressed and given the significance it deserves. When I started working in my new position I have worked very long hours but at the same time I noticed that I also required longer sleeping hours to “digest” all the new information so to speak and it worked very well where the next day I would wake up with a clear mind ready to take the new challenges of the day. When this cycle is disturbed the challenges become burdens which accumulate and may lead to mental and physical exhaustion. Here are some very supportive blogs on this subject for anyone having sleep issues:

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It’s unfortunate that the system we live in sometimes places unreasonable demands by forcing us, through the fear of survival, to keep working and producing results without considering simple, common sense needs of the individuals. So by doing the best we can in our individual lives we also have to pay attention and seek bigger solutions that would challenge the current system to change it into one that considers real physical needs of all humans as well as animals and plants. I support the movement of “Living Income Guaranteed” which addresses these issues by providing practical solutions to our sleepless nights.

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Day 297: Slowing Down to Avoid Stress

time-spiral-400x315Through experience I have noticed that many people when we watch TV or read magazines or simply observe other people from our environment, who are successful and are doing many great things, we tend to go into a comparison and in this a normal reaction is to feel a little bit bad about ourselves. We experience some jealousy and/or self-judgment because it’s not us that came up with some specific idea, it’s not us that has the skill, has the knowledge and it’s not us that lives this apparently better life.

What I found within myself when facing such moments is to immediately try to imagine myself in their position, I try to see what skills can I develop, how can I build myself up, basically how can I evolve to that or similar state of being. Facing such situations few times a day or however frequently and not dealing with it properly, meaning, not investigating within myself whether that specific point is actually relevant in my process, I mean do I actually need such skills like the individual, I observed or heard about, has. Also I am not investigating the actual process that would need to be walked to get to such a position etc. I mean there are many dimensions that need to be taken into consideration within each such point. So when not dealing with such experiences I found that I am accumulating lots of energy through those short moments of jealousy, self-judgment, and overall sense of inferiority.

This energy I have seen does not go anywhere and sits constantly within my body and affects rather greatly everything I do, who I am. There is like this energetic veil that gets pulled over the eyes and there seems to be no way out, and from here, like a headless chicken I run into many directions trying to find a solution. To take an analogy it would be like a plumbing system where in one place there is a blockage of garbage and now the water cannot run through it, it is still seeping ever so slightly, and gives me the idea that it’s still working. And yes, I mean I am still relatively functioning in my reality and I am moving myself here and there but to say that I am actually moving towards my potential, that I am taking the best steps to fulfill my goals, I cannot.

Now the problem comes when the solution is applied through our learned intelligence. Instead of finding and removing the blockage what do we do, using again the analogy, we pour more water to put more pressure and hope that this will blow things the right way. That does work from time to time and only temporarily but it’s definitely not a real solution as the source was never fixed or even understood in its functioning to thus be able to prevent further such instances. We can see the same intelligence applied in most parts of our system – like medical system where instead of understanding the cause of a disease and healing the whole organism we simply suppress the symptoms creating thus deeper problems that manifest now in other ways; also money system where instead of realizing that the system itself is based on the abusive mechanisms that are depleting and exploiting life on earth we continue to fuel it by printing more money or even attempting, as we see currently within the news, to create new global currency believing this to be a solution. Won’t work.

Now going back to the initial point I was addressing what I have seen to be a more effective solution is basically to slow down for a moment and see what is really going on here. Yes, the tendency is to move quickly, there is like a sense of emergency that is growing, the energy is building up and pressure is rising, and we shout that we need a fast solution. Now it’s the best time to apply self-will and to slow down. Writing here is one of the best tools for that because through writing you re-align yourself with the physical time as you type and you look inside yourself – its equal -whereas when you are just in your mind the time is a quantum time and you leap from one thought construct to another in the speed of light, mostly without any understanding or awareness. With writing your mind is basically forced to slow down and you can see better how stuff inside you is moving. Now I can see what is causing my slightly dysfunctional behavior, I can see that I am sitting here with all the energy that I have accumulated through all those moments I have missed and allowed myself to judge myself for who I am and who I am not. I have allowed myself judge myself for the mistakes I have made in the past, and I have also allowed myself to fear and worry about my future. I mean there are many points working at once and unless we slow down we will not be able to identify them and remove them effectively like a real plumber would remove the dirt from the pipes.

“Understanding that each moment is here for self-realization – this being as possible as each breath that you take.”

“Work as self, understanding that there are no mistakes, therefore no judgment for anything you have created – just unconditional release. Silence the mind as you breathe by not accepting fear, confusion or a systematic approach. Approach each situation with a new look at oneness and equality, understanding that in truth there are no limitations, other then what you as the mind allow. Trusting self and trusting that there are no mistakes other than what you have attached blame and judgment to. Allow each moment to be new and ask of yourself forgiveness whenever you realize that the decisions you made were not in truth or were of a system.” – Desteni


Visit the “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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Day 148: I have never been a good student. Is it too late?

There is definitely some kind of study barrier/barriers within me, which has become almost a constant state of being with only occasional gaps of clarity and actual enjoyment within the material I am studying. One of the problems was this constant bragging to people about what I was doing where within that I was making my reality more than it is and in this creating the gap between actual reality and mind reality created reality. So making my imaginary reality so much more than it is I found it very difficult to in any way match my actual situation and thus would go into hopelessness and giving up. Since I have written about this point in one of my previous blogs and already started applying correction I can sense some improvement where basically I am returning to my actual reality and seeing where I actually stand

Still having this point cleared there is another stone lying on my way which I am busy identifying where within that I would be able to remove it and get to my studies in full effectiveness not wasting any more time.

I will start with my usual experience when approaching my studies:


This will take me a long time

There is no way I can learn all this information

I have to do this or I will never finish the school

I don’t have enough time for this

I have to shut down my mind in order to study effectively


I see myself in the future being all learned where I know all the answers (positive)

I see myself prescribing people medicines where they immediately get better (positive)

I know all the applications of medicines and can immediately see who needs what (positive)

I see myself quitting my current job and working as homeopath fully being able to sustain myself within this (positive)

I see myself getting old and never actually committing myself to finish the study and apply in practice (negative)







Physical Behavior


Tension in the shoulders and upper back

Heavy/strained/itchy eyes

Looking for other activities

Playing with my lips and fingers

Scratching my eyelids


Holding onto the past and projecting this past into the future, where I am trying in my mind to correct my future through knowing myself as the past. Within this there are no actual practical actions involved but a only mind job where I am trying to get out of from the underlying negative experience into self-created positive. Within this not realizing that all the movement is happening only in mymind and has no practical value in my actual reality. Still no matter how hard I am trying to turn my reality into a positive experience I end up within the negative as this is actual reality that I live in the physical – no real action is taken.

to be continued

Day 111: Fear of posseessed people


First day at work after my holiday, arriving here right into the chaos that people create for themselves apparently unable to deal with all the emotions that accumulate in their work environment. I found myself reacting to all this what was happening around me, especially towards those people with who I am directly involved to do my job. It was not hard to see how my reactions only “fuel the fire” and so I am in urgent need to return to breath and ground myself here to see the situations as they really are and not take them personally – to thus be able to see the most effective way to direct myself and my environment in a way that would lead to stability.

So what was happening to a guy with whom I was interacting is that in moments he would be completely possessed and react explosively without any considerations about the matter at hand – these possessions last for just a moment and then he suddenly returns back to senses and addresses the issue. And that happened multiple times.

My reaction towards that was anxiety and fear where within that I started avoiding communicating with him and there was like uncertainty within myself how to act – because I still needed the information to do my work.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take other people’s possessive reactions personally where within that I react in a form of fear as uncertainty in my actions thus creating/manifesting self-distraction and my ineffectiveness in each moment here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am the cause of people’s possessive reactions where I go into inFEARiority not realizing that thus I am creating unnecessary consequences showing me again that I decide who I am in each moment

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to stand stable within any chaos that the human mind creates realizing that I do not yet understand how the mind has created these possessions and realize and that the only way to see, realize and understand it is to be stable here without judgment or blame and see things for what they really are

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame people for what they are allowing within their minds where within that I separate myself from what is here not realizing the madness of the mind and not realizing that there is no change possible unless we start to see examples of common sense living and that I must be the change and example of what it means to live as the simplicity of physical being here on earth without allowing our mind as thoughts, feelings and  emotions direct our actions


I commit myself to stop taking people’s reactions personally realizing that each individual being is walking their consequences of accepting their thoughts as their God where they see now the reality of what they have become

I commit myself to assist and support others who are willing to understand how emotions and feelings are actually destroying our lives so that we all could step out of our energetic character and live a real live as who we are as physical beings

I commit myself to remind myself of the importance to remain in my physical body being aware of each movement I make so that there would be no place for the mind to claim the space and create the chaos and destruction within me through ignorance of this physical reality only serving the energy God and praying for a little “heaven” as energetic experiences that are believed to be what life is