Day 128: Self-commitment to act without Justification

When and as I am faced with a conflict situation in my reality where I experience energetic emotional movement within me I stop and I breathe, I realize that the situation is here now and it’s the best time to direct it instead of telling myself that I will deal with it later when my emotions magically subside without any action on my part

Thus I commit myself to slow myself down to see what it is that I am specifically experiencing in the moment when I am moved by an event or situation where I see what thoughts, what backchat is arising in the moment and within that I make sure I have all the necessary in-formation that has formed who I am in the moment to thus be able to see, understand my self-creation and direct it towards resolution that is best for all

I commit myself to stand equal to my emotions in the moment when they flood my beingness where within that I no longer resist my inner experiences but accept the moment as it is realizing that it is all my creation and thus I have also the power to stop my creation and direct it by understanding what is the holding constitutions of the experience and thus see how to release whatever is gripping my being to remain in this emotional state to be able to direct my reality in a way that is best for all no matter what

I commit myself to make sure that whatever my response is within any conflict situation/event I am absolutely empty within myself where I check in every breath that no energetic movement exists to influence the outcome

I commit myself to realize the proven consequence of postponement within dealing with points arising in my world and my reality where it is obvious how the unresolved/ignored points accumulate and create suppressions that in turn create many other problems like continuous backchat which compromises my ability to be here and see the mindfuck that I am participating in and how I am missing the reality because of that

I commit myself to within self-honesty assess any situation that I face in my reality and when I see that I have to take action I do it without hesitation no matter how difficult or unpleasant I perceive the task to be

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